A Kirkland Back and Spine Doctor specializing in the treatment of herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative discs, sciatica back pain and auto accident injury pain.

At Spinal Relief Centers, Your Kirkland spine specialist, we provide the best and most advanced spinal correction using advanced technology to help people with everyday back and neck pain as well as those suffering with severe and chronic debilitating pain.  Dr. Jeremy Meadows and the staff at Spinal Relief Kirkland’s Back and Spinal Care center are committed to offering you better health, improved function and a better way of life, without drugs and surgery.

If you happen to be in an auto accident, Dr. Meadows is known throughout Kirkland, Woodinville,  Redmond & Bellevue for specializing in treating whiplash injuries.  We have the tools and technology you need to get started on the road to recovery quickly and easily.  We are one of the only offices in the area that able to truly diagnose whiplash or ligament damage with our state of the Art Digital Motion X-ray or DMX, this technology allows us to see your spine in motion.

Since we see patients with a variety of back conditions everyday, we have put together a team of Doctors in the area, that way if we think you need to see someone else – we’ll tell you and refer you to the proper place. That’s how we work

At Spinal Relief Centers we work with patients who have compression related conditions that often time have not responded to tradition treatments like; physical therapy, medications, exercise, rest, acupuncture, chiropractic, shots even surgery.  If you are in need of Back pain relief then you have found the place.

We understand that health is more than just making the pain disappear, although when you have that pain we know its all that matters.  So our goal is to get you out of pain as fast as you body allows but slow enough so the results are long lasting.  Our mission continues beyond the pain stage and we want to be a future source for learning and understanding how to take care of yourself so you can live to your fullest Human Potential through a long and active life.