The Military Told Me I needed Surgery

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My name is Jose and I am 23 years old. I came across Spinal Relief Center through my research on non-surgical procedures on the internet. I hurt my back due to over-training in the military. I had two options: get out of the army and live with it, or stay in the army and undergo months of physical therapy and eventually surgery. I don’t like surgery; I’m too young for surgery, so I got out of the army. I finally came to Spinal Relief Center to see what it was all about, and was blown away on how they treat their patients and soon to be patients. The consultation was free and right on the facts. The motion x-ray helped me understand the anatomy of my spine and the condition I was in. I highly recommend this treatment; don’t wait. Age and severity of your pain are major factors so don’t hesitate. It took me 3-4 days of treatment before I felt relief. I feel amazing, it’s so unexplainable. I thank Dr. Meadows and his staff. They gave me my life back. 3 years of pain gone. Thank you very much. Actually, I can’t thank you enough and all I can say is, “I’m back”.

-Jose D.

-23 years old



  1. Open says... comment left on November 20, 2015 at 10:25 am

    i fractured my neck bones c5 and c3 cracivel compression fractures healed a bit compressed im 21 and i moderate bodybuilding training nothing to heavy i was in neckbrace 7 monthes working out again ..suprisingly im about 80 percent of what i was not in alot of pain but would this procedure help my disc for my neck if there is future problems with compression?right now im doing pretty good but could someone please tell me if this procedure could help me if i end up ever needing help ??

  2. admin says... comment left on November 19, 2016 at 11:37 am

    It could depending on the result of your injury, from what you say it doesn’t appear there is a red flag but of course a thorough exam would be needed to determine this in your case.