Patient Testimonials

“Lower Back Pain and Nerve Pain in my Lower Right Leg”

“Before coming to Spinal Relief Center I tried traditional mainstream therapies for my low back pain and nerve pain in my lower right leg. After being on the relaxing and painless program for a week I noticed a difference. Now my pain is gone and my flexibility and strength have increased. Thanks!”

— Christian O. Sammamish, WA


elaine“Chronic Low Back Pain with Sciatica Off and On For Many Years”

“I have chronic low back pain with sciatica off and on for many years. It seems after two pregnancies my back pain intensified. After two years of intensive physical therapy treatments and chiropractic visits I was not responding to any treatment.

After a very frustrating experience with my medical doctor I finally got an MRI which showed positive findings. I can never express with words the gratitude and relief I feel for the care I’ve received. I know there were numerous hours poured into going over my charts, sitting with me to get to the root of the problem and discuss options. To feel like someone is listening to you and someone cares is priceless. I decided to try the decompression and it is with deep gratitude and joy I can say my pain is nearly gone and I am improving every day. I would recommend spinal decompression to anyone in a heartbeat. Everyone at Spinal Relief Center is so caring, genuine and dedicated to improving your health without surgery or drugs, holistically. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”

— Elaine M. Bellevue, WA

vince“Headed for Major Back Surgery”

“I was headed for major back surgery when I decided to try Non-surgical decompression. I had seen three different surgeons and got three different recommendations. I had almost constant pain; I had to sleep sitting up; My foot was dragging and my leg wasn’t working right. I had tried traditional chiropractor, an osteopath, shots in my spine and nerve medicine. My MRI showed positive findings.

Decompression has worked for me. My crippling pain is gone, I sleep in bed and I’m walking an hour a day! It is a large investment of your time and I can recommend this. The staff at Spinal Relief Center saw me through some rough times when I started and I always felt really well cared for. ”

— Vince C. Sammamish, WA

nan“My Back Pain Has Gone From Level “8” Ouch To “1” or “0”!!!!”

“Hi my name is Nan I am an Art Teacher and artist. I have had since the 70’s major back pain and I have going to chiropractors ever since. In fact last year. I was going once a week to my chiropractor and once a week for massage therapy because the pain in my back was so bad, but no improvements! After an entire year I heard about this thing called “Decompression Therapy”.

I figured what the heck I will give it a try. Well I gotta tell you I was blown away how easy and painless it was. In fact I looked forward to my visits – the staff is the most loving and caring people I have ever met, they always have a smile on their face and I feel like I am being totally pampered on my visits. Since I have been coming my back pain has gone from level “8” ouch to “1” or “0”!!!! I am a big time snow skier so I can’t wait for next season to ski with no pain. So if you are thinking about doing this, All I can say is DO IT! You will be amazed at the results and you will fall in love with the staff. I will always be forever greatful for my pain free back. Thank you. ”

— Nan C. Maple Valley, WA

larry“Lower Back Pain”

“My lower back had some major damage. After getting multiple opinions I decided for decompression treatments. I am very pleased (and my wife is VERY pleased) because in 3 1/2 weeks I had no problems! Non-Surgical decompression is easy, I had great results from the treatments and it fixed my back problem. Thanks.”

— Larry S. ~ Marysville, WA

marriann“I Began To Feel Relief After Just 3 Treatments And Now Pain Free After 2 Months!”

“I had chronic neck pain due to an old injury that caused disc degeneration in my neck. Spinal Relief Center was recommended to me by Hal H. and I decided to investigate the program in hope that I could get help. My spinal decompression treatments consisted of a 4 time per week over a 2 month period. I began to feel relief after just 3 treatments and now pain free after 2 months! My experience was a positive one, the doctors and staff were at all times professional, courteous, and interested in my healing process. I feel great, have restored energy and enjoy life like I used to – my thanks to the great team.”

— Marriann F. Mercer Island, WA