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Spine Force

The First Technology to Target Deep Spinal Muscles

For the Most Important Muscles of the Human Body


It is, perhaps, the most pervasive and most common complaint: back pain. In fact, Newsweek reported recently that over 65 million Americans suffer from it. Treatments have been varied but real relief has, for the most part, eluded doctors and patients alike.

Deep spinal musculature is the most important, yet most neglected part of the body. Responsible for all bodily movement, the health of these muscles is crucial. SpineForce is the first technology designed to pinpoint and tone the 180 intrinsic stabilizer support muscles. Developed in Europe by doctors, chiropractors and sports therapists, SpineForce is making its debut in the United States just this year.

“SpineForce conditions the body from the inside out, reinforcing the spinal structure and increasing overall stability and posture,” explains Dr. Eric Kaplan, a well-known chiropractor based in South Florida. “It is also able to reduce the onset of debilitating structural conditions that affect the 80-90% of Americans.”

SpineForce is designed to be utilized in three primary arenas:

> Maintaining overall wellness

> Athletic performance enhancement and prevention of sports injuries

>As an anti-aging tool for men and women

The state-of-the-art automated technology is equipped with highly perceptive sensors that precisely target problem areas. A motorized, oscillating platform causes instability, causing the spine to strive to maintain equilibrium. Ergonomic arms allow for the isolation of specific muscle groups. The interactive, computerized display provides immediate evaluations of areas of strength and weakness.

Traditional strengthening and exercise technologies like sit ups, crunches and weight machines can be inconsistent, as they do not reach deep spinal muscles. That’s because these exercises typically work on only one plane of motion, which can stress muscles and cause spinal joints and discs to grind and cartilage to wear away.

“In the past, for patients with back problems and other injuries, I have recommended exercises for our patients such as swimming that most patients were unable to fulfill,” explains Dr. Gerald Mattia, a renowned sports chiropractor with a who’s who of clientele.

“With SpineForce, we can now guarantee the consistency and regularity of our patients’ strengthening exercises.”

LPG is recognized in over 80 countries both in the medical field and paramedical communities as the world’s leader in the treatment of connective tissue. The International Chiropractors Association’s Council on Fitness & Spine Health Sciences endorses Spine Force.

The Spine Force machine is the only device capable of stimulating the deep muscles of the spine. A groundbreaking device called the Spine Force has the potential to transform how we care for the muscles and structures in the lower back. LPG Systems is a France based company that has developed this machine to stimulate the deep connective tissue within the spine that can break down with sedentary lifestyle habits. With the advent of the Spine Force, health practitioners who specialize in treating spinal diseases and disorders may now have a resource to ensure that patients don’t have recurring spinal problems.

“What this machine can do is strengthen and rebuild up to 180 muscles at one time. Most structures that get damaged the cause is due to lack of activity, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. What this machine can do is, without a lot of participation on the patient’s part, help to get into the deep core muscles of the spine, separate the structures, and actually rehydrate some of the ligaments and muscles. And get some blood supply back into the disc.”

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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13325 100th Ave NE Suite C

Kirkland, WA

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