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At Seattle Back Pain we work with patients who have compression related conditions that often time have not responded to tradition treatments like; physical therapy, medications, exercise, rest, acupuncture, chiropractic, shots even surgery. If you are in need of Back pain relief then you have found the place.

We offer various Decompression Disciplines

A Kirkland Back and Spine Doctor specializing in the treatment of herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative discs, sciatica back pain and auto accident injury pain.

DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression

The DRX 9000™ is the latest and most advanced spinal decompression technology available. Simply put, it’s a very sophisticated, computerized and integrated form of spinal traction that allows significantly better treatment options...


Deep spinal musculature is the most important, yet most neglected part of the body. Responsible for all bodily movement, the health of these muscles is crucial. SpineForce is the first technology designed to pinpoint and tone the 180 intrinsic stabilizer support muscles...

Digital Motion X-Ray

We are proud to be among the first in our region to bring DIGITAL MOTION X-RAY to the Seattle and Bellevue area. We are now able to unlock the mystery of spinal and joint pain...

About Us

At Spinal Relief Centers, Your Kirkland spine specialist, we provide the best and most advanced spinal correction using advanced technology to help people with everyday back and neck pain as well as those suffering with severe and chronic debilitating pain. Dr. Jeremy Meadows and the staff at Spinal Relief Kirkland’s Back and Spinal Care center are committed to offering you better health, improved function and a better way of life, without drugs and surgery

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Our Advantages

Personalized Treatment

You will receive a full individualized treatment

Licensed Therapists

Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists

Experience Staff

Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique

Comfortable Clinic

Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center

Practitioners Network

We will work closely with all your health practitioners

Therapy Goals

Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

Visit our Location

13325 100th Ave NE Suite C

Kirkland, WA

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About Us

Seattle Back Pain was founded by Drs. Jeremy & Leah Meadows, owners of Energize Chiropractic and Wellness. Energize Chiropractic has been serving Kirkland for nearly 20 years and is the communities leader for natural health and wellness.

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